Thursday, 19 July 2012

Netflow NoGo on a Cisco Catalyst 3560 switch

In our haste to purchase switches for an already over-run project, it would appear we overlooked the product features of the 3560G. 
I have been asked to enabled netflow on one of the two switches we use in a production environment, but after much head scratching - the 3560 doesn't support it.

Looking further into it, the whole 3000 series doesn't.  Unless you either buy the uplink 10G modules (but then I'm sure it'll only allow you to monitor uplinks) or use a trimmed down version of netflow exporting (appearinging in 12.2(58)SE) from a later revision firmware.  Of course, we are a few releases behind that - but I think it might be worth giving it a go anyway to try and satisfy the request.

So, its a netflow no go.  For now.