Tuesday, 17 January 2012

SEPM CPU 90%? - its normal say Symantec

A trusty network administrator has just been on the phone with Symantec regarding a couple of SEPM's (Symantec Endpoint Protection Manager) servers running at 90% CPU load for no apparent reason.

We're using version 12.1 by the way.

Symantec say this is normal if replication is used (which it is).  You probably wont see this load with a stand-alone SEPM installation.
Symantec say that although resource is consumed, its will be released, should the server need any CPU load for other services or processing.  High CPU load witnessed is the SEPM's way of checking its database for consistency.  Seems like a lot of checking to me, but when the server was asked to perform another duty, it did so without exploding - so maybe Symantec are right, it's their product after all...

It would be the case for using the embedded database - which we are using, but Symantec also say that the SQL server (if one was used) would also be running high CPU as it follows the same principles.

CPU queries seem to be flavour of the month at our place!

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